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Hey You, Let's make some music Together!

So here's the short version: Let's make some music together in a short time frame (because we're all busy people) to get better at making music, pad our portfolios, and maybe more cool stuff down the line. I'll do all the hard stuff, like engineering/mixing/playing instruments you don't, and it costs you nothing.

Sound good? You can either keep reading, or drop me a line and let's set up a time to get together. 



Here’s the general idea: if you’re in, we’ll write and record a song from scratch together in just a few sessions, and have a brand new song recorded and mixed in around 4 weeks.  

  • You’d come over to my place for 3-4 sessions of 3-5 hours: the first session we’d focus on writing, the second session wrap up writing and maybe do some quick scratch recordings and arranging work, and the last session we’d record whatever needs recording!

  • There’s no requirements about what type of music it has to be!  All I want is for it to sound “honest” in some abstract sense, and be at least a little bit groovy.  Both of those are usually side effects that happen naturally when I co-write with people.  

  • I would do all the heavy lifting here!  Besides doing the mixing/mastering/engineering, I can play or program guitar, bass, keyboards, and/or drums as needed. In most cases I’ll be working on arranging and refining the tune between our meetings. All you need to do is show up and be ready to work in the time we do spend together.

We’re all busy people, so it may not happen exactly as I described above, but part of the idea here is that we go fast, not only to get something DONE without the project dragging on and on, but also as an exercise to get better and more efficient at writing/performing/recording.

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The bad news is that it makes the most sense for this to happen at my place. The good news is that I’m stupidly easy to get to via CTA; I’m right at the southwest corner of the loop, within 5 minutes of Red/Blue/Brown/Pink/Purple/Orange Lines.  There are lots of buses too, but I don’t know much about them.  Here’s a map! (I'm an artist.)

We DO have to do the calendar dance to figure out when we can get together, but my day gigs and freelance work usually have very flexible schedules, even though you might be SO BUSY, I’m confident we can work out a few times to meet.  (I am in Australia for most of January, but other than that…)

What about the money thing?

You astute businessperson you!  The main goal of this project I’m doing is not to make fat stacks, but there might be money involved at some point.  Here are some bullet points:

  • Obviously, this recording process costs you nothing at all.  OBVIOUSLY.  

  • With the finished product, each of us will own exactly 50% of both the song and the master recording.  Perhaps a more savvy producer/engineer would want to keep 100% of the master recording, but in the event that some of these tunes have legs, I want you to feel like it’s worth promoting!

  • Currently, I have somewhat nebulous plans to release a batch of 10 or so of these on a compilation on bandcamp.  That wouldn’t happen until I get through a bunch of these, so most likely Summer of 2016.  As per the above, each of us would get 50% of any net profits from each song.  

  • In the meantime though: you can use these songs however you want!  Put them on your next album, or youtube, or show your mom!  I’ll be using these to build out my portfolio, and show them to potential clients.  

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You're ALL talk, Berinstein!

That’s not entirely true, at least not in this case!  So here’s the first one of these that I’ve now completed: 

Since we'd done some recording together in the past I called up my buddy Adam Allison, and we put together a schedule, which we failed miserably  to follow.  

We went from zero to having all the music done and a basic arrangement in about 45 minutes, and then spent several hours working on lyrics over the next couple sessions.  When we recorded, he sang the lead and played acoustic guitar, and I ended up tracking everything else between our meetings. After just a couple mix notes, we were ready to call it done. 

In the end, we did bend the rules a bit due to time conflicts. He was running around the Midwest with his gigging band and I was substitute teaching some ear training courses, so we ended up needing to meet more than 4 times, because a few of those sessions were only for about 2 hours.  Then Adam got sick when we were supposed to record, and then my entire family came and stayed with me for a week during Thanksgiving, and life generally got in the way. But after overcoming every possible obstacle and scheduling snag, we wrote, arranged, recorded, and mixed a brand new song in a matter of weeks, after meeting about 6 times for a total of 20 hours. 

Is it perfect? Nope!  Is it the greatest thing we’ll ever write in our lives?  Probably not!  But it is a brand new thing we made together pretty quick, and I’m incredibly pleased and proud with how it turned out.

If you’re worried the end results of what we work on will sound like ass: they might.  But you can listen to a few other things wot I done did over here, and if we hate what we make, no one has to know but us.  So stop worrying quite as much!  Worrying is bad for your cholesterol.  

Let's Party!!!(???)

So that’s it!  If you’re in, let’s talk about scheduling!  I probably can’t do more than 3 or 4 of these simultaneously, so if you can’t get started THIS VERY WEEK, that’s totally cool.  

Also, if you’d rather not be a part of this, that’s fine too!  I hope we can still be friends.  More music for me...